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Fair Feather Illustrator ; more than a fair weather friend
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Two Blue Moons

Two Blue Moons


Jennifer Goslin originally trained as a fine artist in 1989 and more recently reinvented herself in 2011 as a Designer/Illustrator. The name of her new enterprise is Fair Feather

Illustrator…….‘not just a fair weather friend.’..

She enjoys juxtaposing humorous British Idiom with quirky local imagery using the vitality of pencil on paper to create ideas, and painting and drawing using the traditional methods of ink, pen, and brush as mixed media.

Jennifer undertakes commissions for bespoke creations for your home or as presents.

Original artwork designed for Quality Textiles; bags, T shirts, T towels, Cushion Covers, placemats; a touch of rusticity in this hi-tech world...

“Image and text combined in a few mute words”





Images and Text that Inspire


Sorrow and Joy Stand Back to Back

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LA Pomme de l'aMour

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